About us


RAAK was born from the desire to empower women, creating a community where acceptance and trust are celebrated. We strive every day to design sports, functional and versatile garments that provide comfort and elevate your style, designed so that each woman feels safe and comfortable in her own skin.

At raak.cl, we promote trust and a sense of belonging. which is reflected in our offering of products that not only dress, but also connect and empower our customers every day.

RAAK is more than fashion, it is a movement towards female empowerment through mutual acceptance and trust.

Raak: Comfort that empowers, style that connects.

Our five pillars:

1.- Empowerment: We believe in empowerment as a process of personal development through which a person takes control over their life, their decisions and their environment. It strengthens their ability to make decisions, act autonomously and face the challenges and obstacles that arise, improving their interpersonal relationships and self-esteem.

Acceptance involves recognizing and valuing who we are, with our strengths and weaknesses, without constantly judging or comparing ourselves with others. It is the first step towards personal growth and emotional well-being.

Confidence, on the other hand, is the belief in our own abilities, capabilities, and judgments. It involves having faith in ourselves and our decisions, as well as our ability to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Together, these two elements form the basis of personal empowerment, allowing us to develop a healthier relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

2.- Wellbeing: We promote a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive well-being, covering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that promote a healthy life in harmony and balance.

3.- Community: We foster an active and committed community around Raak, creating spaces where clients can connect, share experiences and motivate each other in their physical activities.

4.- Versatility: With a perfect combination between sporty elegance and casual sophistication, athleisure invites you to embrace the balance between the active and the relaxed, through functional and versatile garments, designed to provide comfort and style at the same time.

5.- Quality: The quality of the materials and good tailoring is at the center of our proposal, to guarantee that the garments are durable over time and resistant to constant use.