Terms and Conditions


This document regulates the terms and conditions under which you have the right to access and use the services of the website https://shop.raak.cl and any information, text, video or other material communicated on the website.

On this website you can use, free of charge, the software and applications for mobile devices that allow you to navigate, visit, compare and, if you wish, purchase the goods or services displayed here.

We recommend that you read these Terms carefully and print or save a copy of them to your local drive for your information.

These Terms and Conditions will be applied and will be understood to be incorporated into each of the contracts entered into with Raak Inversiones Sport SPA through this website.

The use of this website, the application of these Terms and Conditions, the acts that you execute and the contracts that you enter into through this website, are subject and subject to the laws of the Republic of Chile and especially the law 19,496 on the protection of consumer rights and Decree No. 6, of January 21, 2021, of the Ministry of Economy (Electronic Commerce Regulation).

Raak Inversiones Sport SPA will therefore strictly apply all the benefits, guarantees and rights recognized in favor of consumers in Law 19,496 and the Electronic Commerce Regulations. In addition, RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA adheres in all its parts to the Code of Good Practices for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, which is available at the following link https://www.ecommerceccs.cl/wp-content /uploads/2021/12/CBBPP-2021.pdf .

2.- About the operator of the Site

The Site is operated by RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA., RUT N° 76.721.615-6 domiciled at Apoquindo 6410, Of. 605, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (hereinafter, interchangeably, “ RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA” or the “Company”). Whenever we talk about “we” in these terms and conditions we refer to RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA.

RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA is a distributor and owner or licensee authorized to market the RAAK brand products offered on the Site. All sales made on the Site are made directly by RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA and not by third parties.

RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA also operates other e-commerce platforms similar to the Site, but they are independent of the Site and are governed by their own terms and conditions. Likewise, RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA markets the same products that are offered and sold on the Site through commercial premises and in-person sales channels. Sales made through such channels are not governed by these Terms and Conditions.

Finally, RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA also sells the products offered on the Site through other e-commerce platforms managed by third parties, called marketplaces, such as Falabella.com, Dafiti, Paris and Ripley. The sales that RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA makes through these platforms are governed by the terms and conditions applicable to them.

For the purposes of these terms and Conditions, RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA is represented by Jose Fadda Rut 17.753.784-5 domiciled for these purposes at Apoquindo 6410, Of. 605, Las Condes, Santiago. This is without prejudice to the powers and responsibilities of the other attorneys and representatives of RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA.

RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA, Giro Sale of clothing and sporting goods, is authorized to market the RAAK brand within the country, importing the products directly from the brand's factories located abroad.

3. Contact

We will answer all your requirements and queries about the use of the Site or purchases made on it by calling +56990502787 and in the “contact” section of the Site. You can also contact us through the link https://shop.raak.cl /contacto and the following email address hola@raakmt.com

We will contact you at the email address you provided when making a purchase or registering as a user as set out in section 5 below. If you have provided us with a telephone number, we may also communicate with you through calls, text messages or the WhatsApp platform to said number.

To facilitate service, we urge you to have available the number that was assigned to the order or purchase that motivates the requirement or query in question.

4.- Purchase Procedure on the site

To make purchases or on this Site, you must follow the following steps:

a) Select the products of your interest and add them to the “Cart” or “Shopping Cart”.
b) Go to the summary section of the Shopping Cart, review the details of the items selected and added to it, accept these terms and conditions and press “Complete Purchase”.
c) If you are registered on the Site, enter your email. If you are not registered on the Site yet, simply enter your email, your full name, a telephone number and your unique tax role.
d) Select the delivery method, being able to select between home delivery, pickup at RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA's own stores, or pickup at authorized third-party points.
e) Select the delivery period and its associated cost from among the options offered for the modality and delivery point in question.
f) Indicate the name of the person who will make the withdrawal or who will receive the product.
g) Select the payment method. If you have a valid gift card, you can apply it to the price and use it as a means of payment by entering the associated code.
h) At any time prior to payment you can enter a discount coupon, which will automatically be reflected in the sale price of the products added to the Shopping Cart.
i) Enter the purchase request or confirmation. Once that is done, a description of the product or service, its price, the estimated delivery date or availability for pickup will be displayed on the screen according to the selected shipping method, the value of the shipment (if applicable), the means of payment, the total value of the operation and the other conditions of the purchase, and a unique purchase number, with which it can be tracked. In any case, we will send you this information, via email, to the address that you have indicated or that you have registered, which you can print and/or save.
j) For your security, during the previous step, the purchase will automatically go to a confirmation process of the availability of the products, validity and quota of the selected payment method.
l) Subsequently, proof of purchase will be sent to you, along with a copy of your contract and the respective receipt(s) or invoice(s) in electronic or physical format, and the order will be shipped, according to with the shipping method you have selected.
If, due to extraordinary circumstances (such as warning of failures or deterioration when preparing the package for dispatch), the availability of a product is affected even after completing the previous process, we will contact you to look for alternatives and eventually refund the price of the product in question.

5. About the users of the Site

The Site is open to the public. However, the products offered therein will be intended exclusively for “consumers”, understood as “natural or legal persons who, by virtue of any onerous legal act, acquire, use, or enjoy, as final recipients, goods. or services”, with the precision that “in no case may those who […] be understood as suppliers be considered consumers”, all in accordance with the definitions provided by the Consumer Protection Law.

Consequently, if we detect or have reasonable grounds to believe that we are dealing with a user who wants to use the Site to buy with the intention of reselling in Chile or exporting the products offered on the Site, we may deny or cancel the sale. in question.

Likewise, the purchase of products and services through the Site can only be made by people with the capacity to contract, and only people of legal age, with full capacity to bind themselves, can register on the Site. Otherwise, you must use the Site through your legal representative.

To use the Site or register on it on behalf of a legal entity, you must have sufficient power of representation to use the Site and be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the others that apply to the operations carried out on its context. You will be responsible for having this power.

Being within the scope of application of the Consumer Protection Law, you will enjoy the rights and protection that these regulations confer. In addition, you will have at all times the rights of information, rectification and cancellation regarding the personal data that you have provided to RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 19,628.

For all purposes of these Terms and Conditions, we will consider the user's address to be the address indicated when registering on the Site. If you have not registered an address, the commune where you have your residence will be considered.

6. Freedom of Navigation and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The mere visit of this site does not impose any type of obligation for the user, unless the user expresses unequivocally, through positive acts, his or her willingness to contract with the company to acquire goods or services, in the manner indicated in these terms and Conditions.

To accept these Terms and Conditions, the user must click where the RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA website offers this option in the user interface with the phrase “I have read and accepted” or another equivalent that allows giving unequivocal consent regarding the acceptance.

7-. Modification and Termination of the conditions.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified by Raak investments sport SPA when it deems appropriate by making the most updated version public at https://shop.raak.cl.

These modifications will be communicated by Raak investments sport SPA to users who have indicated in their account settings that they wish to receive notifications of changes to these Terms and Conditions.

8.- Communication

After registering on the Site, you may periodically receive, preferably via email, promotional or advertising communications related to the Site and the products offered on it.

Any promotional or advertising communication that we send you electronically will have the identity of the brand associated with the Site or another brand of products distributed by RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA as the sender and the subject will detail what it refers to. In addition, it will have a link so that the recipient, if they wish, can request the suspension of these shipments, and print a receipt of the request. In this way, messages to anyone who has requested it will cease.

We may also contact you at the email or telephone number that you have registered on the Site (via calls, WhatsApp or SMS), in order to execute the sales and purchases that you have made on the Site and/or coordinate what is necessary for that purpose. .

If you purchased a product through the Site and selected delivery under the “home delivery” modality, it is possible that the carrier in charge of the delivery will contact you so that your order is delivered at the location and within the established period.

9. Registration and user account

We will need and request your email address and additional information (such as shipping address) to make purchases on the Site, but we will not require registration and user creation as a condition for this.

However, registering on the Site will allow you to access promotions and special offers, in addition to better knowing your preferences and interests to offer you a personalized experience according to them, and giving you tools to manage your requests or orders and make the registration process more expeditious. payment and delivery of information for dispatches.

To register on the Site, you must create a username and password or secret key, completing the Site's registration form and providing additional information about yourself. You will be responsible for ensuring that said information is true and up to date. Registration and creation of a user is free.

If you have a registered user account with Google or Facebook, you can log in through said user, without the need to create a new registration with us.

You will be responsible for the use of your user account on the Site, which will be personal, unique and non-transferable. In this context, you must protect the confidentiality of the registered secret key and take care of access to the computer or mobile device on which it has been registered. If you suspect or become aware of unauthorized use of your account or user password on the Site, you must notify us immediately through the contact form available at the following link https://shop.raak.cl or by calling at +56990502787.

We may request additional information from you than is generally required when filling out the registration form, to corroborate the veracity of the information provided at the time of registration. If, in response to said request, you do not provide the requested information, or if the additional information provided does not allow us to corroborate the above, we may reject the registration or use of the account.

You may change your user password as many times as you want, in accordance with the procedure established on the Site.

10. Payment methods

The price of products purchased on the Site can only be paid through the following means:

a) Bank debit cards included in the Redcompra system.
b) Visa, Mastercard, Magna, American Express and Diners Club International bank credit cards, issued in Chile. Payment with cards will be made through Webpay or Mercado Pago, depending on the cards with which each of them operates. Webpay and Mercado Pago are electronic payment systems that are responsible for automatically charging users' cards or bank accounts quickly and safely. You can find more information about them at www.webpay.cl and www.mercadopago.cl .

The use of the cards identified above and the credit operations that may follow from it will be subject to the terms that govern the relationship between you and your issuer and/or operator.

If, for any reason, a purchase is void and payment has been made by any of these means, the refund of the price will be subject to the rules that you have agreed upon with the respective institution issuing said card.

c) Gift cards issued by RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA.

Each gift card is valid for up to the amount and for the time indicated on it. Once the amount has been exhausted or the validity period of a gift card has expired, it will no longer be a valid means of payment for our Site. Said amount and validity period appears on each gift card.

Our gift cards can be used partially (that is, they are allowed to be divided) for different purchases.

d) Discount coupons.

Discount coupons are not payment methods, but must be used during the payment process.

Discounts provided through coupons cannot be combined with each other, nor with other promotions. Additionally, some coupons may have limitations such as usage amount, minimum consumption, expiration date, etc. These limitations will appear on the coupon itself.

On the Site you may make special offers associated with one or more payment methods. To this end, we note that neither RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA nor its related parties issue or operate payment methods other than gift cards.

11.- Exchanges and Returns

How do I make the return?

Easy, make your request through the following link: https://raakreverso.........

To make a return you have 10 days from the date of receipt of your order.

Follow the steps:

1- Enter your order number, including the hyphen and the last 2 digits, along with the email with which you made your purchase.
2- Click on the image of the product or products you want to return and select the reason. If it is due to warranty, you must add a short explanation of the failure and upload a photo.
3- Confirm that your data is correct; edit something if necessary and choose a return method. Then confirm your request.
4- Once the request is submitted, you will receive an email with instructions to continue with the process.

Remember that the product(s) will be reviewed by our team in charge, which will define whether the return is approved or rejected, which will be informed via email. If the return is accepted, we will refund the money for the product according to the payment method you used.


To return your purchase, it must meet the following requirements: The product cannot have been used or washed and must not have any type of damage. The product must be with its complete original packaging and labels in perfect condition. The product must be with all its accessories. Only items that belong to the same order can be returned in one package. If you are returning items that belong to different orders, please return them separately. In this way, we can guarantee that the internal return shipping process is carried out correctly. Exclusive service for online purchases, returns of products purchased in a physical store by this means are not accepted.


If the original packaging is not presented, it must be sealed and sealed to guarantee payment of the refund and prevent the loss of the products. The condition of the returned products must be in perfect condition, without signs of use and without alteration of the labels. We will not accept items that have been used or washed. If the return request is not accepted for the reasons stated above, the pieces will be returned to the registered address, with shipping payable. In the event of a product with a factory defect, you have a period of up to 180 days from the date of the receipt or receipt of the online purchase to make the legal guarantee effective. To apply the warranty on your products you must select “The product is damaged” on the returns platform.

The warranty is valid only for technical faults of manufacturing origin. The warranty does not cover:

•Incorrect use of the product
•Faded due to use or washing
•Perfume or deodorant stains
•Detachment of parts or pieces (improper care of the product


To validate your exchange guarantee, you can go to any of our stores nationwide (the product exchange takes place directly in the physical store). You have a period of up to 30 days from the date of the receipt or receipt of the online purchase to make a change.

To make the change, you must present the purchase receipt. The product must be in perfect condition and meet the following conditions:

•The product CANNOT have been used or damaged.
•The product must be with its accessories.

The product MUST be with its complete original packaging and labels in perfect condition

For warranty validity, the product will be inspected to verify if it meets the reported conditions and requirements; if it does not comply with the established conditions, the warranty cannot be applied.


If you paid by credit card:

Through Mercado Pago:
We request the cancellation of the charge to Mercado Pago. However, you may see it reflected on your credit card online statement a few business days later. If you paid in installments, keep in mind that each card waives charges differently.

If you paid with a debit payment method:

Through Mercado Pago: We request the cancellation of the charge to Mercado Pago, this will remain as available money in your Mercado Pago account. You can use it for whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can verify the return through ( https://www.mercadopago.cl )

If you paid with a credit or debit card through Webpay: We will request your bank account details, which must be sent to our Customer Service channel hola@raakmt.com. The data you must send are:

•Account number
•Account type

  1. If your order was paid by bank transfer:
    You must send us the following information to return your money:

-Account number.
-Account type.

The refund period will be effective within a period of up to 15 business days from receipt of the request to cancel the order (or part of the order), receipt and validation of the warranty return, notification of stock out. that is carried out, or from the sending of the bank details (if applicable). Said data must be sent to our Customer Service channel email: e-mail: hola@raakmt.com.

12. Legal Guarantees

If the product does not have the reported technical characteristics, if it is damaged or incomplete, it can be changed immediately. If it presents faults or defects within 6 months following the date on which it was received, you can choose between free repair, or prior refund, exchange or refund of the amount paid, provided that the product has not deteriorated due to an event attributable to the consumer. It can be delivered to any RAAK store or send the product through https://shop.raak.reverso.....

If the product has a manufacturer's warranty, the term of this warranty will apply, if this term is longer. However, if the product is perishable or is naturally intended to be used or consumed within a short period, the return period will be the one printed on the product or its packaging or, failing that, it will be 7 days. All these periods will be suspended for the time in which the good is being repaired under the warranty, and until the repair is completed.

The following will be considered a failure or defect:

  1. Products subject to mandatory safety or quality standards that do not meet specifications
  2. If the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they display or to the mentions on the labeling.
  3. Products that, due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, where applicable, are not entirely suitable for the use or consumption for which they are intended or for which the supplier would have indicated in its advertising.
  4. If the supplier and consumer have agreed that the products subject to the contract must meet certain specifications and this does not occur.
  5. If after the first time the guarantee has been made effective and the corresponding technical service has been provided, the deficiencies that make the good unfit for the use or consumption referred to in paragraph 3 remain. This right will subsist in the event of a deficiency. to which it was the object of the technical service, or the same is presented again.
  6. If the thing that is the subject of the contract has hidden effects or defects that make the use to which it is usually intended impossible.

13. Delivery of products

a) Product Dispatch.

The shipping and delivery conditions of the purchased products may be chosen from among the options offered on the site.

14.- Money refund

When it is appropriate to refund or restore money for any of the reasons described above, it will be returned through the same means of payment used in the purchase and the place where it was made. Consequently, the money refund deadlines will depend on the payment method used.

All deadlines will be counted from the issuance of the credit note, or the legally corresponding document, which in turn will occur after receipt of the returned product. However, we will be responsible for ensuring that these deadlines are always within the deadlines established by law.

a) Credit card: the refund will be made as a credit to the card in question. If this card has been used through Mercado Pago, and the credit to it is not possible, the credit will be made to your account at said institution. The refund period will depend on the processing times of the card operator or Mercado Pago, as the case may be. With Webpay payments (on the Site), the refund will take a maximum of 15 bank business days and will be by electronic transfer. In the case of purchases paid through Mercado Pago, the refund will take a maximum of 30 banking days.
b) Webpay Debit Card, the return is by electronic transfer within a period of 15 business days.
c) Mercado Pago Debit Card, the term is 30 banking days. As soon as we return the money, it will remain as available money in your Mercado Pago account associated with the email registered in the purchase. You can verify the return through: https://www.mercadopago.cl
d) Gift cards: This payment method does not allow money refunds, but rather the refund will be implemented by issuing a new gift card so that you can purchase again on the Site. Said gift card will be sent by email to the address registered for the User who made the original purchase.

15. Validity of prices and conditions reported on the Site regarding the products

The prices at which the products are displayed on the Site include value added tax. However, they do not include transportation and shipping costs, which are informed within the context of the purchasing process once you have selected the delivery method and shipping address, if applicable.

Any change in the information published on this Site, including those referring to products, prices, stock, promotions and offers, and conditions in general, will not apply to purchase orders that were submitted prior to said change. In fact, a change in the conditions reported on the Site will only have effect for purchase orders made after said change, so as not to affect your consumer rights. In the case of exercising the right to exchange, the conditions existing at the time of the original purchase of your product will apply.

Subject to the foregoing, our Site is constantly changing, and both the price and other conditions associated with our products may be subject to change.

The prices displayed on the Site may not be the same as those in force, for the same products, in our different stores or in-person sales channels.

16. Offers and promotions

The promotions offered on the Site will not necessarily be the same as those offered through other sales channels.

In promotions that consist of free or lower cost delivery of one product for the purchase of another, the dispatch of the good that is delivered free of charge or at a reduced price will be made in the same place to which the purchased product is dispatched, unless you request, when accepting the promotion or offer, that the products be sent to different addresses, in which case he must pay the shipping value of both products.

You cannot participate in these promotions without jointly purchasing all the products included in them.

The offers or promotions may be limited to a maximum of units or products for each client, which, if applicable, will be informed through the Site by making the terms and conditions of such offers or promotions available to you.

17. Trademarks, intellectual and industrial property

All brands of the products offered on the Site and their respective logos are property of RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA or used by it under exclusive license for Chile, and are protected by applicable Chilean and international regulations on industrial property. and intellectual.

Likewise, all content included on the Site, including text, artwork, non-brand logos, button icons, source code, images, audio clips, digital downloads and data compilations, are the property of the Company and /or the owners of the respective brands, and/or the content providers, and are protected by Chilean and international intellectual property laws.

These assets may not be copied for distribution or commercial use, nor may they be modified or used on other sites.

All of the foregoing assets may not be used in connection with any product or service that is likely to cause confusion among customers and in any manner that disparages or discredits RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA or the owners of the marks displayed on the Site.

No product, image or sound may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or exploited for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the Company.

You may not frame or utilize framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary or proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of the Company without its prior written consent. Meta tags or any other 'hidden text' that uses the Company's name or trademarks may not be used without its prior written authorization. Misuse of this Site or these trademarks, licenses or patents is prohibited. The foregoing is without prejudice to the exceptions expressly indicated in the law.

18. Security Policy

We will take reasonable and prudent measures, consistent with industry standards, to protect the security of the data you have provided to us and the user secret password you have registered.

If changes are detected in the information that has been registered on the Site, or in the event of any irregularity in transactions related to the identification of the consumer or the means of payment or, simply, as a measure to protect your identity, our executives may contact you by telephone or email in order to corroborate the data and try to avoid possible fraud.

In these circumstances, if we cannot establish contact with you within 72 hours, for your own security, we will not confirm the purchase request made on the Site, which we will inform you by telephone or email. Proof of the efforts made to contact you and confirm the operation will be available at the Company's offices for 30 days, so that you can confirm the purchase order. You may request them by telephone or email, and must provide sufficient background information to corroborate your identity.

a) Collection, storage and use of personal data

Our intention is to offer you the products that best suit your needs. To do this, we need to collect, store and process certain personal data from you.

Our Privacy Policy explains what data we collect, how we collect it and other information about our processing of personal data about you and users of the Site in general. You can access our Privacy Policy by clicking here on the following link https://shop.raak.cl/politicas-privacidad

By accepting this document, you also agree to our Privacy Policy and its application to the personal data you provide to us when purchasing products and using the Site. However, we will only use your personal data for the purposes authorized in these Terms and Conditions, always in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

'Personal data' is understood to refer to natural persons, such as their name, RUT, address, telephone number, email, geolocation data, use and visit of the website, browsing history and purchasing habits, among others.

By virtue of the consent that you give when accepting these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, we will be legitimized and authorized to process your personal data, being empowered to:

1) Manage the execution of the contract(s) that you enter into with us, in which context we will use your personal data to:

Yo. Respond to your queries, complaints, requests, etc.

ii. Contact you to receive information about products and services offered by us, and in general, manage queries, requests and claims related to them.

iii. Marketing purposes, for which we may develop a user profile (individual or aggregate) whether or not applying predictive models and, thus, improve the products that are marketed or services offered through the Site and other sites operated by RAAK Inversiones Sport. SPA; We may send you offers, promotions and advertisements for products and services that are preferred by customers in general, or by you as a user in particular, and invite you to participate in contests that we organize.

iv. Analyze and prepare statistical studies on your consumer interests and purchasing habits and, in general terms, on relevant matters for the preparation of market studies or marketing campaigns of your own or of third parties.

v. Develop commercial actions, including after-sales services, of a general nature or directed personally at you or more individual users, aimed at improving your experiences as a customer, informing you, for example, about the status of your shipments or events related to the exchange or purchase of products on the Site, automatically complete the documents necessary to carry out your transactions on the Site, carry out satisfaction surveys, Personal Data update campaigns.

saw. To contact you through both physical and remote communication channels (letter, call center, email, social networks such as Facebook, or text messages, via SMS, website or App, WhatsApp or other similar platforms), to the cell phone number that you have registered or to any other contact information that you have provided, in order to send you information related to the purposes described in this section.

2) Use your personal data of a commercial nature to execute security protocols and to prevent and detect deceptive, fraudulent or criminal uses of the Company's systems and facilities, in order to protect our legitimate interests and those of our clients.

3) We will also collect personal biometric and geolocation data through writing and signature digitization devices and other biometric readers, or fingerprint scanners, security cameras, among others that can be implemented, and which will be timely and duly informed. , and/or technology that allows you to locate your location, in order to:

Yo. Automatically complete the documents necessary to purchase or redeem products or services on the Site.

ii. Prevent and detect deceptive, fraudulent or criminal uses of the Company's systems and facilities, which is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the Company and its respective customers.

iii. Prepare an individual or aggregate profile based on your purchasing preferences, and/or product exchange, and/or visits to the Company's stores, and/or Internet browsing, as well as the frequency and times you usually use. To do it.

The personal data that we collect will only be processed as long as they are necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were delivered, except insofar as it is necessary to maintain them for periods of time that go beyond this term by regulatory provision, in which case, they will be maintained. for the period indicated by that regulation.

You may revoke the authorization you provide to process your personal data at any time, although in such case you may not be able to continue using some or all of the services offered by the Company. You will have the right to be informed about your personal data that has been collected and to exercise your rights of rectification, cancellation, opposition and all other rights conferred by Law No. 19,628 on the Protection of Privacy. To exercise them, you must call +56990502787 or fill out the contact form available at the following link https://shop.raak.cl/pages/contact

You may always request the suspension of sending promotional or advertising communications, in accordance with the provisions of article 28 B of the Consumer Protection Law.

b) Use of Cookies

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you consent to our use of cookies and similar technologies to personalize and improve your customer experience and display relevant online advertising to you on the following terms. However, if you do not have an account on the Site, you will remain anonymous during your visit.

Cookies are small text files that contain a unique identifier that is stored on the computer or mobile device through which you access the Site, so that it can be recognized each time you enter it.

You may choose to disable some or all cookies used by the Company at any time. However, this could restrict the use of the Site and limit the User's experience on it, since certain functionalities of the Site, such as 'my cart' and accepting an order, may not work if cookies are disabled.

c) Site experience and optimization

To improve your experience on the Site, we have integrated tools and systems that analyze the way you browse and use the Site, as well as the way you interact with us through the Site. These tools allow us to keep track of said behavior and interaction, in a way that allows us to evaluate and optimize the design of the Site for you and the rest of our clients.

By using the Site, you consent to us applying such tools, keeping records and analyzing them in light of other data and information we have about you, as well as using these resources to optimize the Site.

19.Other websites

The Site may have links that provide access to other websites on the World Wide Web, the Internet or other sources of information, through a link, banner or through any device available on the network. We inform you that we have included links to such sites or locations only for your convenience and ease of reference. These sites are not under our administration or control, so we do not assume responsibility for their content, or for the use that you may make of them.

20. Responsibility

Despite our efforts to give you the best service and experience of the Site, it may be affected by events that are beyond our control. In this context, we are not responsible for acts of God or force majeure events, events of unrelated third parties with whom we have no contractual ties, or events caused by the user themselves or that are attributable to them.

21. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions, the use of the Site and the purchases made on it are subject to and governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile, in particular by the Consumer Protection Law and other applicable regulations. You can always go before the competent court, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

22. Adherence to the Code of Good Practices of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce

The Company adheres to the Code of Good Practices for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. This code of good practices is available on this Site, by clicking here https://www.ecommerceccs.cl/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CBBPP-DefinitivoVF.pdf

23. Company representatives

To facilitate the sending of any presentation, query or claim regarding the use of the Site or the transactions carried out therein, and without prejudice to the powers of its other managers and representatives, the Company designates as Legal representatives:

Jose Fadda Maldonado 17.753.784-5


Domiciled for these purposes at Apoquindo 6410, Of. 605, in the commune of Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.

24.- Electronic Documents

The user in his capacity as a manual recipient of electronic documents, in accordance with Exempt Resolution No. 11 of February 14, 2003 of the Internal Revenue Service (which established the procedure so that taxpayers authorized to issue electronic documents can also send them through these media to manual receivers), declares and agrees to the following:
By approving these terms and conditions, the user authorizes the company RAAK Inversiones Sport SPA and rut 17.753.784-5, so that the corresponding tax document of this transaction is delivered only by electronic means. Likewise, you authorize the notice of publication of the tax document to be sent to me by email.
In accordance with the indicated regulations, and if the user requires it to support the accounting information, they assume the following obligations in relation to said tax documents:

  1. Print the documents received electronically, for each tax period, immediately upon receipt from the issuer.;
  2. Print the document in the size and shape that was generated;
  3. Use original white paper with a minimum size of 21.5 cm x 14 cm (1/2 letter) and a maximum size of 21.5 x 33 cm (legal);
  4. Print in a quality that ensures the permanence of the legibility of the document for a minimum period of six years, as established by current legislation on the matter. This printing will be made using laser or inkjet printing, unless a different authorization or standard is established in this regard.